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Cool Way to Lose Weight

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"The only proven cooling solution for activating brown fat and promoting weight loss".

Run for the hills when you read claims like these!  While it's true that activating brown fat can promote weight loss -- cooling options come in various forms, methods, and qualities. Nobody has the corner on "only" when it comes to cooling.

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Scientists have found that brown fat -- a "good" fat -- is activated by the cold. Once activated, brown fat consumes calories to generate heat, resulting in weight loss. Following is an excerpt from a report on the subject by Mikaela Conley, Health Reporter for ABC News, published in June 2012.  

"Researchers from the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston wanted to compare the effects of ephedrine, a stimulant that is used in weight-loss drugs, versus the cool temperatures, which scientists predicted would activate the brown fat. The team tested 10 study participants in three different ways. They were given injections of ephedrine, or saline solution, as a control -- or made to wear a "cooling vest," which had 57-degree water pumping through it. After each phase, brown fat activity was measured using a PET/CT scan.

Researchers found that ephedrine did not stimulate brown fat activity. But after study participants wore cooling vests for two hours, brown fat showed significant stimulation on the scans."

Coolture will never claim to have the "only" cooling vest proven to activate brown fat; but the company does claim to have the only premium-quality lifestyle cooling vest that helps promote weight loss while improving endurance when active in warm environments. We stand behind our name; we stand behind our claim.

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