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Cooling for On-the-Job Safety

Cooling for On-the-Job Safety

75% of your body’s energy goes into regulating heat!

When the body cannot get rid of excess heat, it will store it. As the body continues to store heat, workers begin to lose concentration and may become irritable or sick. The next stage is most often fainting and even death if the person is not immediately cooled.


Cooling on the Job = Fewer Injuries

Every year, thousands of workers become ill from occupational heat exposure, leading to heat injury and heat stroke. 

Cooling the core body eliminates the mental and physical exhaustion that can lead to accidents on the job, while also helping to prevent heat injury. Workers most at risk of heat stress include those who are 60 years of age or older, are overweight, have heart disease or high blood pressure, or take medications that incite heat intolerance. 

Wearing the Coolture cooling vest and/or cooling neck wraps during activity will help prevent workers from becoming overheated.

Pre-Cooling with the Coolture cooling vest is recommended when it's not possible to wear during work activity. In those cases, we recommend both pre-cooling and recovery cooling to stave off the ill effects of heat. Pre-cooling stalls the point at which overheating occurs.

Coolture cooling headbands or cooling neckwraps are easy to incorporate, and provide a powerhouse of cooling as blood flows up towards head. These accessories are NOT evaporative-based cooling products, so will get the job done even in the presence of humidity.

Contact luanne@coolture.net to for more information on how to prevent heat illness while on the job.


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