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CoolPaks Info

CoolPaks Info

There are ice packs, there are gel packs, and then there are Coolture CoolPaks

Third Party Scientific Testing determined that Coolture CoolPaks provide a longer-lasting release of cooling than competitor brands -- and even longer when used within the Coolture Cooling Vest.

Colder and lighter than ice or gel, the performance of the Coolture CoolPaks is further enhanced by the Outlast® technology that comprises the garment's lining. This "space age" technology was developed for NASA for its ability to absorb and store body heat.  For Coolture, this technology also prevents the shock of cold associated with other cooling vests. 

Adaptation:  Much like jumping into a cold swimming pool, eventually you will "adapt" to the cooler temperature, causing you to believe that the "cold" has ceased.  As we all know (thanks to cold swimming pools and lakes), the cold hasn't stopped being cold -- but rather we have adapted to the cooler temperature! 

You can test the Coolture cooling power by simply slipping your hand beneath your cooling vest.  Even hours later, you will experience the cool of your skin.

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Benefits + Characteristics of Coolture CoolPaks

Similar to dry ice, Coolture CoolPaks freeze colder than ice or gel, and remain colder than ice or gel.

Food safe, non-toxic, and non-staining. 

Once activated, you will notice a "slippery" quality to the exterior of the CoolPaks -- this is completely harmless and disappears after three or four freezings.  

Depending on how often you use your cooling vest, your CoolPaks may lose density. When immersed into warm water for 15 to 20 minutes, your Coolpaks will return to their fullest density!

How to Activate CoolPaks

No Effort Method: Toss CookPak sheets into a washing machine with a couple clean towels. You can remove before the spin cycle, wipe dry, then lay flat in freezer until frozen and ready to use. 

Hand-Scrunch Method: Immerse CoolPak sheets into a sinkful of very warm water. Scrunch the cells to eliminate air, making it faster for them to absorb water. Let soak until all cells are plumped and ready to freeze.   

You will notice a "slippery" quality to the CoolPaks after use. This is completely normal!

After several uses, the slippery quality dissipates.  

NOTE: When inserting frozen CoolPaks into your cooling vest, it helps to slightly "fold" each pack while guiding them into the snug interior pockets.



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