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Pre-Cooling cools the blood while promoting a sense of calm. Recovery cooling helps drivers quickly restore their mental and physical game between and after events. 


What better way to learn how the Coolture cooling vest works for motorsports than from drivers who wear them. Their detailed responses are shared below.


"I wanted to post a report after my test run at Daytona Beach, FL with the Coolture Cooling Vest," volunteered Apex Speed's online racing moderator. 

"Outside temp was approximately 94 degrees and a really humid day. My group of cars started the day with a black flag, on the grid for close to 20 minutes. One of the pyrometers was registering 120 degrees, but I was completely comfortable. The packs stayed cold way past the time that I needed the relief, and I found the vest, with inserts, to be very comfortable.

"In the beginning I admit that I was concerned, as my suit is a close fit and I wasn't sure if the insert of the vest would be an issue. But the fit is great, slim and sleek, and doesn't ride up. Also very surprised that my body seemed to remain comfortable in the heat, even after the vest was removed. To me, this vest addition made a difference." 


COOLTURE: After pre-cooling for 30 minutes, was there a noticeable delay in the point at which your body typically overheats? 

FISHER: This is a good question. I would have to say yes. I found it helped to set a ‘calm’ in before I went on the track. So, because I was at a peaceful state, it seems to affect the physical as well. Also, being cool when you sit in the seat under a hot sun, as opposed to already being hot, was a big plus.

COOLTURE: Did you experience “adaptation” during your pre-cooling time

FISHER: I hadn’t thought of this during the process, but I would say yes.  It seemed that the ice was no longer frozen, but then I put my hand there, and could feel it.  I definitely experienced Adaptation.

ADAPTATION (as relates to cooling) is when your body adjusts to the given temperature, prohibiting you from actually “feeling” the cooling that is taking place. However, when placing your hand between the vest and your skin, the cold can be detected with your hand.

COOLTURE: Did you wear the cooling vest during performance?

FISHER: Because I am in a race chassis, the gear I wear likely makes this unfeasible. In a racing Kart, it is like a motorcycle since you are not strapped in by a harness, but you are wearing a rib protector that goes against your body over a t shirt.  Since you sit back in the seat, I don’t think the back ones could be utilized, but the fronts possibly could.  The challenge would be there; does it go over or under the suit.  If over, it is over much fabric and a solid plastic shield, which makes it pretty much non effective, I would think.  In a race car, with a five point harness, I think there would be challenges too, but you can probably get benefit from the front ones in the jacket.  

COOLTURE: Did you feel bulky or prohibited in your movement? 

FISHER: Never felt any, very comfortable

COOLTURE: Did the CoolPaks warm up before the end of your race?

FISHER: I can tell you that they were not super frozen in the morning when I put them in at 7AM and they were still cool enough to wear and get benefit at 3PM

COOLTURE: Did you try removing the front CoolPaks to promote comfort during use?

FISHER: Didn’t need to.

COOLTURE: When you recovery cooled, was this in addition to pre-cooling and/or active cooling? Or did you isolate this method of cooling?  I did pre and post mostly. 

FISHER: For my most recent race, I used the cooling vest just for recovery. It works really amazing for that.  Truly!

COOLTURE: Did you find that your mental and physical strength was more quickly restored rom recovery cooling? 

FISHER: Yes. Completely.

COOLTURE: How long did you recovery cool before you started to appreciate the cooling benefit. 

FISHER: Almost immediately as far as feeling the benefit. After about five minutes it goes into a more Zen stage where it effects you mentally. I put it on my race mechanic. He felt it immediately. His words, after maybe three minutes were, “It feels (pause while he thinks) ‘therapeutic’”. I put it on another guy (this was at 4:30PM) and the look on his face told it all. He immediately felt it on his aching ribs. He was impressed.






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