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"Feedback is the breakfast of champions"  Ken Blanchard

The following customer testimonials have come to us by way of FB message, email, and other website chat rooms. We appreciate every single one, and look forward to one day sharing your own.

Also included (directly below) are the results of a Q+A we conducted with Kurt Fisher, an avid motorsports driver who trialed the Coolture cooling vest in April 2014.



QUESTION: Once becoming active, was there a noticeable delay in the point at which your body typically overheats?

ANSWER: This is a good question. I would have to say yes. I found it helped to set a ‘calm’ in before I went on the track. So, because I was at a peaceful state, it seems to affect the physical as well. Also, being cool when you sit in the seat under a hot sun, as opposed to already being hot, was a big plus.

QUESTION: Did you experience “adaptation” during your pre-cooling time?

ANSWER: I hadn’t thought of this during the process, but I would say yes. It seemed that the ice was no longer frozen, but then I put my hand there, and could feel it. I definitely experienced Adaptation.

(NOTE: “Adaptation” is when your body adjusts to the cool, thereby minimizing the “feeling” of the cooling that is taking place. When you place your hand between the vest and your torso, the cold can be detected with your hand.)


QUESTION: In the event you tried wearing the vest during performance, please share results:

ANSWER: Because I am in a race chassis, the gear I wear likely makes this unfeasible… In a race car, with a five point harness, I think there would be challenges too, but you can probably get benefit from the front ones in the jacket.

QUESTION: Did you feel bulky or prohibited in your movement?

ANSWER: Never felt any, very comfortable

QUESTION: Did the CoolPaks warm up before the end of your race?

ANSWER: I can tell you that they were not yet super frozen when I first put them in at 7AM, and yet they were still cool enough to wear and get benefit at 3PM!


QUESTION: When you recovery cooled, was this in addition to pre-cooling and/or active cooling? Or did you isolate this method of cooling?

ANSWER: I did “pre” and “post” mostly. The recent time I used it just for recovery. It works really amazing for that. Truly

QUESTION: Did you find that your mental and physical strength was more quickly restored rom recovery cooling?

ANSWER: Yes. Completely.

QUESTION: How long did you recovery cool before you started to appreciate the cooling benefit.

ANSWER: Almost immediately as far as feeling the benefit. After about five minutes it goes into a more Zen stage where it effects you mentally. I put it on my race mechanic. He felt it immediately. His words, after maybe three minutes were, “It feels (pause while he thinks) ‘therapeutic’”. I put it on another guy (this was at 4:30PM) and the look on his face told it all. He immediately felt it on his aching ribs. He was impressed.

QUESTION: Would a thermal carry case be helpful in keeping the vest cool between uses?

ANSWER: This is an absolute. I was out there at 75 degrees. On a 95 degree day, or a 110 degree day (And I have done those—the track temp is around 140-160 on those days) it wouldn’t last until noon if you pack it at 7. Most guys head to the track around 5:30 AM and would need this product around noonish to 5 pm.



“Recently I went on a road trip to southern Utah with my son and his family. We were gone 3 days. The temperatures are in the 100's so of course I wasn't traveling without my vest. I also knew there wasn't a freezer in the room we were staying. I bought 7 lbs of dry ice and kept it rolled in double paper bags, put my cooling packs in the bottom of my thermal cooler bag with the dry ice on top. They stayed frozen the whole time! I actually didn't end up needing to wear my vest because I was in AC either in the car or houses the whole time. But it encouraged me that the dry ice kept them frozen for 3 days. The dry ice was evaporated at the end of the 3rd day but the cooling packs were still frozen. The cooler bag went from car to house and back again many times. Just wanted to share!”   Tracy T., Utah

“ I’ve worn the Coolture vest during a practice round of golf, and also as pre-cooling vest before a Regional PGA Tournament. I have never found a more effective cooling solution in golf or sports. I recommended the product to an International Distributor overseas, who works closely with China’s exploding golf market. For Caddies working in Southeast Asia this year, it has been unbelievably hot and humid. The Coolture vest was a life saver.”   Rocky Rafkin, PGA Professional, 30 year member

“I've researched cooling vests for months and just couldn't commit to a design until I saw coolture designs. I didn't even think twice. Hoping it's as functional as it is fashionable! I'm a runner and an equestrian. This summer I'll be opening an equine assisted psychotherapy practice so I expect my cooling vest to get a lot of use! If you could enclose a few business cards I will be sure to keep them on me to share with others. 

Jessica R. Allen, M.A.
Board Registered Psychotherapist
Nectar of Life Counseling, LLC


“WOW!!! Totally impressed with my cooling vest. It's 79 degrees and I've been out in the sun for the past 2 hours doing yard work and I'm OK! Still can feel the coolness of the packs of ice AND they're still hard with plenty of more power left to give. THANK YOU for making this awesome looking and feeling vest.  I have MS and spent last year stuck indoors because I had no idea I could stay cool. I lost out on hiking, yard work, enjoying my dogs, running, etc. You might want to contact Active MSers Blogger Dave. He has quite a bit of info on cooling vests with recommendations after testing them. I just didn't care for any of the recommended ones aesthetically.  I'll be starting a new business doing equine assisted psychotherapy and plan to work outside up to 8 hours a day. I felt I probably need at least 3 sets to make it through the day in the heat of summerYour very personal responses are AWESOME! So impressed with your company.”   Jessica Allen


“I wanted to post a report after my test run at Daytona Beach, FL with the Coolture vest. Outside temp was approximately 94 degrees and really humid day. My group of cars started the day with a black flag, on the grid for close to 20 minutes. One of the pyrometers was registering 120 degrees, but I was completely comfortable. The packs stayed cold way past the time that I needed the relief, and I found the vest, with inserts, to be very comfortable. In the beginning I admit was concerned as my suit is a close fit, and wasn't sure if the insert of the vest would be an issue. But the fit is great, Slim and sleek, doesn't ride up. Also very surprised that my body seem to remain comfortable in the heat, even after the vest was removed. To me, this vest addition made a difference.” Moderator, Apex Speed

 “When I first read the article regarding the Coolture vest that appeared in the Buffalo Business First, I immediately thought that it would be useful for me when working in the operating room. Although it is true that operating rooms are typically cooler environments, surgeons often suffer from excessive warmth. The reason for this is that surgeons are required to wear surgical gowns, hats, masks, and gloves, are working under bright surgical lights that emit heat, and are often in close contact to warming blankets that are used in surgery to keep patients warm. The net effect of these factors is to frequently create a very uncomfortable working environment for surgeons. I personally experience excessive warmth in the operating room, particularly on longer cases. I have found that wearing my Coolture Vest has been a great way to keep my body comfortably cool. The vest is lightweight and comfortable to wear and stays cool for the entire 8 hour operating day. I highly recommend the Coolture Vest for any operating room personnel who suffer from excessive warmth.”   Dr. Andrew P. Giacobbe, Surgeon, New York


“Thirteen Thumbs Up!  There's a new cooling vest on the market and I've had really good results with it. The Coolture vest, unlike many cooling options out there, hits all the right notes: effective, lightweight, sleek, and comes in a range of sizes. I'm small (but, too big for a child's size) and the one-size-fits-most adult versions of the phase-change models like Glacier Tek (GT) are heavy (5 lbs.) and bulky - imagine two phone books strapped front and back. Sadly for me, although the technology used by GT is very effective, it's overkill for my purposes. I'm neither fighting fires nor crossing the Mohave, but I do commute on foot to work in sultry DC and the Coolture vest fits the bill nicely. Its adjustable, form-fitting construction makes the full range of movement easy. So far, I've been able to do everything I want to in this vest without it shifting me out of balance. The Coolture vest is sleeker and more fashion-forward than the fishing vest or "concealable" (NOT) coolers currently on the market. The use of high-tech fabrics and other advanced materials make this possible. Consequently, I have no hesitation wearing it anywhere. Yes, I'm vain enough to care about these things ;-)) Cost is a real consideration when investing in any assistive devise. Although, there are other less expensive vests that work for lots of folks, none was right for me. Evaporative ones won't work in humid DC; universal sizing is universally too big; and, weight is an issue when managing fatigue. In fact, simply offering different sizes push most vests into the the higher end, so.... That being said, think objectively about your needs and keep your expectations reasonable - do I feel like I'm walking in a self-contained cone of 70 degree AC - NO, but this vest allows me to get out and enjoy the warm weather, fully participate in all the usual activities of the season, and feel confident. Worth its weight to me.”   MSWorld Message Boards, April 2012


“Our captain used it and thought there were some positive results.  He felt more focused as a results of feeling his body calm down during the break that he took.  He thought it definitely had an effect on his body.” Jeremiah Crowe, Assistant Men’s Ice Hockey Coach

"The new Coolture vest is about 300% more comfortable, better fitting, and far more efficient than previous cooling vests I've used over the past 8 or 9 years."  Blake Middleton, Sailing Instructor, Lake Minnetonka MN


"Elegance and simplicity are the hallmarks of any great solution and the Coolture vest is a sterling example.   The best cooling vest I’ve worn, BAR NONE".   

 Ellen A., Archivist, Washington DC


"Pre-cooled and wore it while running. Also wore it all afternoon at the barn for my riding lesson. Definitely getting my monies worth!"  3rd message from Jessica A. Peyton CO


"BTW, one of my MS friends in Mississippi ordered one based on my recommendation and she just got hers today. She's happy with it as well!" 

Tracy H.T., Salt Lake City, UT


"It keeps you cool and there are no restrictions in your movement. It's like walking with air conditioning on around you!"  

Maggie W., Pro-Am Golfer, North Carolina


"I was working a fence repair project about two weeks ago and installed a gate with four posts.  I don't often repair fencing in triple digit heat, but when I do, I wear Coolture."

Garry F.,  Art Collector and Educator, Canesville KY 


"I was rocking the vest at the show and I was photographing like a madwoman"!   

Val D., Photographer, Buffalo NY 


"I started my day in excrutiating pain from Fibromyalgia, requiring a cane just to move around my yard.  The relief that came when an observer made me try her Coolture cooling vest was remarkable; in less than an hour I felt like a human being again, not even using my cane.  Already can't wait to wear mine at the Rowing Club this week". 

Julie M., Retired, New York


"The vest looks and feels great.  It is so lightweight and form-fitting that I can do anything with it on. Other cooling solutions have not worked for me.  Evaporative solutions are not an option in DC because of the humidity.  Other phase-change cooling solutions are heavy (5lbs) and their one-size-fits-most sizing makes a little person like myself look and feel bulky and disabled.  Not so with the Coolture vest.  I'm just vain enough to care about these things ;-))"   

Ellen A., Washington DC


"My daughter has MS and is not supposed to get overheated.  She is a teacher, and the opening week temperatures in Southern California were in the triple digits.  And, of course, she has yard duty.  On the first day she tried standing under an umbrella.  She returned to class flushed, tired, and over-heated.  The next day she tried the vest.  She did not get overheated or flushed.  It helped her stamina.  She now makes sure to take it with her every day.  Getting it ready is part of her morning routine.  It will also be used to watch her children's sport events, student field trips, and other activites".   

Donna H., California


"I love this vest!  Let me tell you the ways...  top quality materials, superb workmanship, attention to detail...fits close to body for maximum cooling... the weight is distributed and I'm able to do anything with a full range of motion... the chiller on the lumbar is really nice... high-tech phase change fabric prevents virtually all moisture from migrating to clothing".  

ActiveMSers Blogger


“The cooling vest arrived in a timely manner and we were able to take it on the cruise with us.  My husband and friends were wishing they had one so they could keep cool also!  Attached is a pic with me wearing the vest in the Bahamas.  Since we've come home to Florida, I have worn the vest for several other outings and it has been wonderful”. 

Janet R., Florida


"When I was working at the neuroscience clinic... I saw patients have all kinds of homemade remedies.  Now I’m not vain, but I’m probably not going to sport a homemade cooling vest. So that got me to thinking about a solution that would reduce my internal thermometer without making me a fashion outcast. That’s when I stumbled upon Coolture. When I found this site, I was impressed by the story of the founder. Van DiBernardo was a former shoe designer for DKNY when he was diagnosed with MS. He then dedicated his life to making products for MS patients. Now he’s made a cooling vest that even I could wear without drawing attention to myself". 

Matt Cavallo, MS Author and Blogger, Arizona


"I’ve been wearing a Coolture vest for the past few weeks, and I can honestly say that I haven’t had a summer this good in years"!  

Blogger @Matt Cavallo Blog


“The idea of a cooling vest that doesn't look like a cooling vest is a dream come true for me and I'm sure many other heat intolerant people. Bless you for doing this".  

Sheila Cope, Nashville TN



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