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Combatting Internal Heat: Menopause

The internal heat of menopause is unlike any other over-heating sensation. It's unlike the discomfort of a 90º summer day, or even from the heat from a sauna. Rather, a hot flash arrives from the inside out. Many women compare it to having a blast furnace ignited in their chest cavity, with a fast-spreading heat traveling outwards and in all directions. Some women describe their hot flashes as suffocation or claustrophobia, the intensity of the heat so consuming.

A woman with menopause will try just about anything to mitigate these sudden flashes of heat. Yet there are common triggers that can actually bring on -- or worsen -- a hot flash. Topping the list? Warm weather, occupations, exercise, and red wine. Coolture can help with three of those four triggers!

The heatwave of the summer of 2018 presented additional challenges for employers to meet their legal obligations and maintain a thermally comfortable working environment for their employees -- particularly so for menopausal women. When there's no escaping your internal heat, and especially when faced with a warm-environment for your job, we recommend the following, in order of effectiveness.

1. Target cooling to those areas of the body that are most receptive to heat transfer: the palms of your hands, the back of your neck, your core, and under your arms (at armpit area).

2. Drink cool fluids, even a slushie.

3. Avoid smoking and red wine.

4. Avoid caffeine.

Cooling gloves target the dense network of veins and arteries that act as the body's radiator. Cool those palms whenever possible!

Cooling Headbands target the back of the neck/head, cooling the blood as it flows to the brain where overheating occurs.