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There are ice packs, there are gel packs, and then there are Coolture CoolPaks


Whether for replacements or for backup, we will always have CoolPaks ready when you are. A backup set assures that you'll never be caught offguard when overheated.  


  • Stays cold 4x longer than ice and phase change packs
  • Stays cold 3x longer than gel packs
  • Lightest cooling technology available
  • Your freezer's regular setting is enough to freeze your CoolPaks colder than ice!  

CoolPaks WHSL

CoolPak Sizes

    Are Coolture Coolture CoolPaks safe?

    • FDA-approved food-grade polymers are sealed between two layers of water-permeable lining.
    • Polymers are 100% food safe, non-toxic, and non-staining. 


    Will your skin sting from "freezer burn" like with other cooling vests?

    We did the research so that you wouldn't have to.  Sure, we offer the coldest technology on the planet, but our high-tech fabrics assure you a cooling experience versus the "freezer burn" effect associated with other cooling vests. 

  • Your Coolture CoolPaks will arrive completely flat and weightless -- now what! 


    • Immerse your flat CoolPaks into a basin of very warm water
    • Scrunch CoolPaks vigorously to remove air from the cells.
    • Let soak until plump (varies from 5 to 15 minutes)
    • Continued scrunching can help speed the process



    • Toss your CoolPaks into a washing machine with clean towels
    • Run through one cycle using warm water
    • The agitation of the machine will quickly and fully activate CoolPaks


    Helpful Tip:

    When inserting large CoolPak sections into your cooling vest, you may have to slightly "fold" the packs at their seam while guiding them into the snug interior pockets. Once inside the pocket, carefully press with the palm of your hand to flatten again.