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The Signature Cooling Vest is the vest that launched our brand. As is the way with all champions, it's time to retire this number. It made an impact in the cooling vest marketplace while establishing Coolture as the only tailored, high-quality cooling brand. Once they're gone... they're gone. 


The inner pockets/lining of this vest are lined with Outlast® Technology, a phase change technology that absorbs and stores body heat. This means you stay cooler, and our CoolPaks stay colder longer than any other cooling experience. There is no shock of "freezer burn" with Coolture apparel.  


FDA-Approved CoolPaks are inserted into these specialty pockets, assuring you a second-to-none cooling experience. 


The "short fit" of the Signature Vest is designed to clear your waist, providing ease when sitting or bending.


Our patent-pending Weightless-Belt™ design feature helps to distribute the weight of the vest throughout your body, eliminating the weight from your shoulders, as common with other cooling vests.


The snugger the fit, the better your experience.

Our Signature Cooling Vest is being retired.

$249.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
  • The Chest area of the Signature Cooling Vest is not attached, so allows for flexability. T


    The Torso measurement is more important when determining size. If unsure about your size, we are happy to help.


    Size 1 Chest:  30 - 37

    Size 1 Torso:  26 - 35


    Size 2 Chest:  42 - 50

    Size 2 Torso:  28 - 48


    Size 3 Chest:  45 - 54

    Size 3 Torso:  46 - 55